from embryo
to radio (abridged)

I was born in Rhode Island, toted between Egypt and the States til I was nine, and finally settled in the Bay because I can only function between 60-75° F.

My career in audio started in a radio-writing course in college where a piece I made eventually landed at This American Life. After graduating from Yale with a BA in cognitive science, I interned for the TED Radio Hour at NPR and continued as a producer for Weekend Edition and Morning Edition. As a staffer at 99% Invisible, I quickly became the lead technical producer and helped shape the sonic identity of the show.

I have freelanced for such outlets as This American Life, NBC, Vox, and Bloomberg, to name a few. Shows, series, and episodes I’ve worked on routinely rank in the top ten of the iTunes Chart, have won awards (including a Pulitzer,) and garnered praise from critics at The New Yorker, The New York Times, The Atlantic, and (occasionally) my father.

A lifelong singer and musician, I toured the the world with The Whiffenpoofs and make my own music too. I’ve performed in the White House and recorded interviews in The House of Representatives. Luckily, my own house is free of politicians at the moment.

Other random things…I once met President Obama for an award I won, sang with Kenny Rogers when I was five, and (kinda) learned WordPress so I could make this website.

When not making audio or writing, you can find me worrying about not making audio or writing, snuggling Nelzon the Dog, hanging out with cool babies, cooking plant-based foods, and trying to find my keys.

I am an AIR Media New Voices Scholar and Edit Mode fellow.